Practical Tips on How to Choose the Best Thermos for Coffee

Do you want to take a cup of fragrant coffee with you but you worry that it will cool down? Need a heat-retaining container that is convenient to carry around with you anytime and anywhere? Do you still have a thermos or thermo mug? Hurry to get this indispensable miracle for your home! Here you will find some useful tips on how to make the right choice of a thermos for coffee.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the material.

The time during which the thermos keeps heat is also very dependent on the material of the bulb. The product with a metal bulb in this is inferior to the product from the glass. Therefore, if you want your coffee to remain hot for more than 6 hours, give preference to the metal.

Also, keep away from Bisphenol A (BPA) or any chemicals whatsoever. You should look only for coffee thermoses with 100% BPA free materials and here’s a good post to find one.

Tip 3: Don't choose fragile thermos

Have you ever broken a thermos bottle? If yes, then for certain you know that it is quite fragile, and you should treat it with extreme caution. But it concerns only thermoses with a glass bulb. It's impossible to break metal. Anything that can happen to it in case of a fall is a violation of the vacuum between the bulb and the wall, which, unfortunately, will negatively affect the properties of the thermos. Therefore, what kind of thermos you would not choose, try not to drop it.

Watch this test to find out more.

Tip 4: Give preference to a thermos with the large diameter

Choosing between the same thermos of the same capacity, give preference to the product with a large diameter. This means that the space between its bulb and the outer wall is larger, and, therefore, it will keep the temperature better.

Tip 5: When choosing a quality thermos, pay attention to the principle of the lid.

A conventional lid with a latch will easily allow liquid to spill in your bag. A thermos with a lid-pomp is perfect if you need a stationary container. At the slightest inclination, the liquid will also easily pour out. The same will happen with a thermoset, which uses a lid-bolt. The most reliable keepers of your coffee, and at the same time bags, will be a cover-twist and a cover-cap.

How to Know that You Have Chosen the Right Thermos?

After buying a thermos, you should immediately check for any abnormalities in the vacuum. It's very easy to do this. It is enough to pour hot water into the container and wait a bit. If in half an hour the walls of the thermos did not heat up, congratulations! You have chosen a quality product!

The heated walls will testify that there is no vacuum in the thermos, and it will give heat outward, and the drink will quickly cool down in it.

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