The Key Moments in the Development of E-Sports

A breakthrough in eSports can safely be considered 1997, when Angel Munoz created the first professional organization that held professional tournaments - The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL). The same year Quake 2 appeared, which quickly superseded its predecessor. A year later appeared Starcraft, which became a breakthrough in the genre of RTS, and another half a year - the addition of Brood War, which is an excellent continuation of the original game and, importantly for e-sports, which has established a balance between the three races. This allowed the players to express their imagination in the invention of tactical possibilities.

Starcraft Brood War and Quake 2 quickly secured a place in the list of disciplines CPL. In 1999, there was an add-on to the popular game Half Life - Counter Strike, which very few people attached importance. Today, more and more people like spending their time betting on CSGO at However, the addon quickly gained popularity and could also enter the list of disciplines CPL.

Counter-Strike – the Winner of All Disciplines

In 2001 there was another breakthrough in e-sports. Then the plans of the rapidly developing Samsung Electronics included the first global tournament on computer games - World Cyber Games (WCG). For this purpose, a separate organization with the same name was created, and Samsung became its main sponsor. The total prize fund was unprecedented at the time amount - $ 600,000. The winner in each of the disciplines was $ 20,000 ($ 40,000 in Counter-Strike), $ 10,000 ($ 20,000 in Counter-Strike) for the silver medalist, and $ 5,000 ($ 10,000 in Counter-Strike) for bronze.

Are There Any Rules?

In fact, the rules are determined by the game, which you play. Currently, all cybersport disciplines are fairly balanced, there is no pronounced imbalance (although, in fact, everyone has their own opinion on this matter). Before, there were some limitations. For example, in the first Dota tournament, the hero Bristleback was banned from choosing, which was then considered unbalanced.

In every genre, the leading game is constantly changing. The only exception is MOBA, where two leading games - Dota 2 and League of Legends. In other genres everything is obvious: the leading Shooter is now, undoubtedly, CS: GO, the Titanium of the RTS genre - of course, Starcraft 2: HotS, the best simulator - none other than World of Tanks. Prior to Dota 2, the leading place in the MOBA genre was occupied by HoN (Heroes of Newerth). CS: GO was preceded by games such as CS: Source, CS: 1.6, Battlefield 2, Unreal Tournament. Undoubtedly, before Warcraft was at times more popular than Starcraft. However, time goes on, priorities change, mainly thanks to new games or patches on old ones.

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