Bets on eSports: How to Get Started?

Have no ideas on how to place a bet? If you want to make a bet, you need to click on the match that interests you, then select the team you need and choose the items you want to bet from below. Before you bet on, check the betting guide. In the “Armory” tab, your items from Dota 2 inventory will be shown to you, and in the “Returns” tab your items that are already on the site are shown. Also, next to the information about the teams written the percentage put on each team. Below is a potential gain, where 1 means $ 1. Usually, the site automatically searches for information about each item on the Steam market and shows you the cost on the site itself.

A Brief Betting Guide for Beginners

If you bet for the first time, you need to select items (from 1 to 4 items for 1 bet) and click “Make a bet”. A bot notification will pop up at the bottom right of you, wait for it and confirm the exchange, the bot will take your items from you. Suppose you won and wanted to take your bet. What do you need to do? It's simple! In the top menu, select “My bets” and in the Returned items section click on the items you want to collect, be careful and attentive. When all things are selected, confirm the exchange by clicking on the Request returns button and wait for the words “Your offer is ready” and the characteristic sound. Take the trade and things have become yours!

Simple Tips for Beginners

There are three fundamentals on which a stable game is based:

  • The right choice of bookmaker. Many experienced cappers have profiles in several BCs. You do not need to be a forklift. Each company offers its own conditions for a given sport or a game.
  • Psychology. The most important factor in determining the whole game. If you succumb to emotions, loss is inevitable. Remember: any streak of luck or bad luck in one moment ends.
  • Financial management. It is not enough to win. It is important to still be able to use the money received. Remember: no strategy or methodology gives a 100% guarantee of winning. Otherwise, there would be no bookmakers, and betting would become a routine. However, many professional players have found their golden mean and live solely on the money won in the bookmakers.

Constant winning at the stakes requires self-improvement and hard work. Not everyone can withstand such a marathon, but those who moved to the rank of professionals, always can enjoy advantages. Follow Dota 2 betting tips and win!

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